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Clam Strips

Food Service Clam Strips

We developed our Clam Strips to meet the fine restaurant standards of quality and taste. Every step is carefully prepared, then quick frozen to seal in flavor and moisture. Our strips have uniform appearance, heat lamp longevity, and great plate coverage.

Made from sweet hand-shucked surf clams harvested in the Coastal Atlantic Waters, our Clam strips are always fresh and delicious. Our specialty seasoned batter and breading add a light, appetizing crunch to this popular seafood offering that can be featured in many ways.*

*We also offer raw sliced clam strips.

DescriptionCodePack/SizeCase WeightCase CubeTie x Hi
Maryland House Special Clam Strips6015110/1 lb10 lbs0.5815 x 10
Maryland House Clam Strips 6015824/4 oz6 lbs0.4315x13
Maryland House Supreme Clam Strips6016010/1 lb10 lbs0.5815 x 10
Maryland House Supreme Clam Strips6016224/6 oz9 lbs0.5815 x 10
LaMonica Jumbo Clam Strips6410-002/5 lbs10lbs0.5815 X 10
Ocean Chef Clam Strips6025524/4 oz6 lbs0.4315 x 13
Ocean Chef Clam Strips6025924/6 oz9 lbs0.5815 x 10
Ocean Chef Clam Strips602656/1 lb6 lbs0.4315 x 13
SeaKove6029524/4 oz6 lbs0.4315 x 13
SeaKove602906/1 lb6 lbs0.4315 x 13
Hand-Shucked Sliced Raw Clam Strips5534-0010/5 lb50 lbs1.277 x 6

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