LaMonica Fine Foods

About Us


In 1923, Peter L. LaMonica opened a small seafood shop in Brooklyn, New York that specialized in fresh, locally harvested seafood. As the demand for fresh seafood increased, Peter saw an opportunity to meet the needs of his customers by expanding into the fishing business. Soon after, Cape May Foods was formed to process and pack high-quality seafood products for the retail and restaurant trades.


In July 2000, Cape May Foods began the transition to a larger, newer facility in Millville, New Jersey and began limited production in 2001. By 2005, the relocation to Millville was complete. During this time, we officially changed our name to LaMonica Fine Foods.


Today, LaMonica Fine Foods is a bustling seafood supplier. In addition to being the largest hand shucking plant with more than 200 employees, we also maintain a state-of-the art packing facility. We are proud to be vertically integrated from boat to customer – retaining the quality and control throughout the processing, packing and delivery of our finished product. All clams are caught from the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, then landed, processed and packed in New Jersey. We are proud to be a New Jersey Seafood company.

“Quality is A Family Tradition”

Our Commitment remains as strong today as the day we formed.

Quality Counts

We have well-established systems in place to ensure the safety of our products:

  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Systems (HACCP)

  • Food Allergen Control Program

  • Select Supplier Program

We also maintain compliance with all State and Federal regulations, including the National Shellfish Sanitation Program (NJ-627-SP). Our Quality Systems ensure that product is delivered on time and to meet or exceed customer’s expectations.

Quality Values, Quality Products

We have produced the highest quality products for three generations. Our commitment to quality can be seen in our highly rated food safety and quality assurance programs. We have well-established food safety systems to ensure the safety of our products: HAACP compliant, Food Allergen Control Program, Select Supplier Program and are MSC Certified.We also maintain compliance with all state and federal regulations, including the National Shellfish Sanitation Program (NJ-627-SP). Our Quality Systems ensure that product is delivered on time and to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.
Our team is focused on continuous improvement with the goal of finding new ways to better serve our customers. We utilize third-party audits to monitor our quality systems, food safety systems, and good manufacturing practices. Our plant is SQF level 2 Certified and has achieved a SUPERIOR score for 9 years as graded by AIB and other accredited third-party auditing companies.


We are passionate about the preservation of our environment and its resources to ensure sustainability for future generations. By purchasing our products, you can do your part in assuring the sustainability of these species, since we actively meet the National Standards for the U.S Fishery Management Plan. These standards are adapted to ensure clam stocks are maintained, overfishing is eliminated, and the long-term socioeconomic benefits to the nation are achieved. For more information regarding sustainable fisheries, please visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrative Website at: We also participate in the Cooperative Tagging Program to help increase the understanding of the horseshoe crabs migratory patterns. 

The Surf (Sea) and Ocean Clam Fisheries of the Mid-Atlantic region were the first Federal fisheries to be managed. Quotas and restrictions were adopted to help protect the viability of the shell stock and to stabilize the supply year-round to processors. LaMonica Fine Foods controls 20% of the Surf Clam and 40% of the Ocean Clam ITQ’s (Individual Transferable Quota’s), ensuring our ability to offer you a variety of fresh, canned and frozen clam products. We take pride in knowing we are doing our part to ensure the clam population is accessible for future generations.

Harvesting & Processing

Our Commitment

Once harvested, our clams are processed within 24 hours, allowing us to provide the most tender, tasty clams you can find! All of our clams are harvested in the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, by our sister company. We are proud to be a Sustainable Fishery, harvesting Sea Clams and Ocean Clams (Quahogs) for both restaurant and retail. Our plant is located in Millville, New Jersey, less than one hour from Atlantic City, New Jersey where our fleet is based.

We are committed to providing you with the best products possible while maintaining a transparency of our process along every step of the way. The process begins by harvesting the clams off of the New Jersey coastline. Once our clams have been transported to our plant, they began the process of being shucked, cleaned, and inspected. All clams under the LaMonica label begin by being hand shucked by our team members to provide you with a more tender, and flavorful clam. Once the clam meat is removed from the shell, they are then washed, hand inspected, and placed into a grinder that will chop them to the correct specification. The meat is then moved into a swirl tank, and placed through another ripple washer before being reinspected again to ensure the highest quality.
After the clams have been thoroughly inspected, they are then packaged and stored according to their products specifications.