"We LOVE your frozen clam strips!!! We just purchase our first box of your clam strips at our local Grocer a few weeks ago. We immediately went back and bought 7 more boxes. Then we went back a few days later and bought their remaining stock. WE WANT MORE!!!! We really Love these, they ARE the BEST. We gave up buying frozen clams, all you got was about  one inch long piece(s), it was
stringy and chewy...we lived in New England for years, we know our clams...Thank you, Keep up the great product! Sincerely, M.A."


 "Just wanted to write to praise your company on making a great product. I have 2 VERY picky toddlers and one of the few foods they'll eat are your frozen clam strips. I buy at least 1 box every week as it is one of the few sources of protein I can get them to consume. I actually tried these as I remember eating clam strips as a kid, and was hoping to find at least one more dinner option for them. Thanks for a great product and I hope I keep seeing them in my supermarket for a long time. Thanks - N.B."


 "Mr LaVecchia, I felt it necessary to write you. A friend of ours gave us a recipe for clam sauce that uses your chopped clams as the main ingredient. The recipe is similiar to your online recipes... I thank you for your outstanding product. I will be trying some of your other products.  Thanks again, C.P."


"Hello, we recently tried your LaMonica Breaded Clam Strips and just loved them!!!  They were easy to make and packed full of flavor.  And a great price.  TYVM, and will be buying again. M.S."


 "Dear Mr. LaVecchia...we tried your product for the first time about 3 days ago and Wow!  We finally found clam strips that we enjoyed! They were HUGE, the breading didn't come off the clams, and after cooking for only a few seconds, they came out of the skillet hot, crispy, and delicious!  There were 2 bags of clam strips in the box....I ate one bag and my husband ate the other!  They were just too good to share!  I dipped a couple in tartar sauce, but quickly discovered that they were good just the way they were! I want to thank you for such a wonderful product for such a reasonable price... As soon as I get paid again, I will purchase another box for my husband and I to enjoy.  Thank you again Mr. LaVecchia, and have a wonderful  day! Sincerely, N.J."


 "Dear Danny: For years I enjoyed the Tender Sweet fried clam strips at Howard Johnson's restaurants across the country...After years of trying fried clams at restaurants up and down the east coast, nothing stacked up to the clams at Howard Johnson's...About three weeks ago I was in a local supermarket and discovered your La Monica Hand Shucked Clam Strips. The picture on the box looked good, so I purchased it. The next day I tried a bag, EUREKA I FOUND IT! They were great! I hope to find other products that you offer. My thanks goes out to you and your company May God bless you and your company D.S."


"Always happy with the quality (of your products.) Try and keep it in the U.S.A. Always nice to see people doing the right thing. Thank you for the best!" - Richard, NY


"(I) just loved them! Keep up the good work!" - Lloyd, TN


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