About Us...

Beginning in 1923 in Brooklyn, New York, our grandfather, Peter L. LaMonica opened a small seafood shop that specialized in fresh, locally harvested seafood. As the demand for fresh seafood increased, Peter saw an opportunity to meet the needs of his customers by expanding into the fishing business. Soon after, Cape May Foods was formed to process and pack high quality seafood products for the retail and restaurant trades.

Until July 2000, Cape May Foods was located in Cape May, New Jersey. Since then, we purchased a larger, newer facility in Millville, New Jersey and began limited production in 2001. By 2005, the relocation to Millville was complete. During this time, we officially changed our name to LaMonica Fine Foods.

Today, LaMonica Fine Foods is a bustling seafood supplier. In addition to being the largest hand-shucking plant with more than 200 employees, we also maintain a state-of-the art packing facility. We are proud to be vertically integrated from boat to customer - retaining the quality and control throughout the processing, packing and delivery of our finished product. All clams are caught from the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, then landed, processed and packed in New Jersey. We are proud to be a New Jersey Seafood company!

Under the brand names of LaMonica and Cape May, we sell fresh, frozen and canned clam and seafood products. Our clam strips are always hand-shucked, providing the most sweet & tender strip available. We sell our clam strips to many of the top national retail chains in the United States.

Please view our current product offerings. In addition to Hand Shucked Chopped and Minced Clams we offer Crispy Clam Strips, Clam Juice, and a traditional favorite Scungilli.

We stand for unsurpassed quality, innovation, and customer responsiveness. Our years of family tradition have driven the way that we do business. We are proud of  the 94 years behind our company. From the fish store in Brooklyn to the modern plant in Millville, the LaMonica family name and traditions have stood for quality, dependability, and the highest ethical standards.

~Danny and Michael